for the star in my eyes.
for the star in my eyes. stories

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For a girl I liked... Written 3 years ago.

for the star in my eyes.

I see a lot of stars in the sky,

don't know which one is you

they look like they are starring me,

they will be watching you too

they cover up my sky so well,

they remind me of you

they look like they are wishing for me,

connecting my every move

of my life which depends on them,

and my heart which goes with them

cause they shine with that glow,

all of that which gives me hope

cause in the night when I lie,

with the constellations that rule my sky

they told me of a star so bright,

that shines in the day and night

when I see it my body seems to froze,

cause I know it's you and I can tell it with my eyes closed.

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