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Part of Me

Somebody died today Whom I really miss

It used to be a good friend.

A part of me that Had been retired for a while

Because it had run out of value.

I dumped it out a long time ago Malnourished and forgotten

Starved it in my own mind.

But I'd never thought I would see it go

It left me alone.

That part of me Loved to sing and dance

Push hope through the crowds.

It spoke of life Love and happiness too

I shouldn't have killed it.

But I let it fester away Because it had no use to me

Not where I was going.

It faded slowly at first A constant thought in my mind

Then I moved on.

I wasn't worried About what I'd become

Without it.

And I felt it die out completely Just a few days ago

It didn't even say goodbye.

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