i saw you in a dream
i saw you in a dream dreams stories

flaneur will this reach you, i wonder
Autoplay OFF   •   7 months ago
HIIIII been a month wowww im very sorry about that

i saw you in a dream

I saw you again your here

right in front of me

but when I reach out there's nothing

nothing but air

when I wake up you're gone and only the bird's songs are left behind

I guess I will wait until i dream of you again

ill see you soon

in the place where anything can happen

where nothing is impossible

where I can see you once again and tell you

that I thought I would have all the time in the world

but now but now where are you?

you're stuck in my dream world

HHIIIII I'm back and ready to start writing again c: I've missed this a lot and I'm really happy to be back I hope you all are doing well

until next time -flaneur

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