When the world burns
When the world burns dream-reality stories

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This is a different story than the ones I usually work on. Still, some of us need this. Enjoy!

When the world burns

This is a different story than the ones I usually work on. Still, some of us need this. Enjoy!

I remember what life was like.

When everything was normal.

I remember that I went for a vacation during Winter Break.

That I felt homesick but got used to it.

That when I came home, I saw my old stuff.

That my dad got me an Xbox 1 S.

That everything was at peace.

Yeah, those days were fun.

But that's gone now, all in the past.

It's sad, sure, watching the world burn.

Worrying for your old relatives and your younger siblings.

Wondering when life the way you remember will return.

You're hopeful. That someday, this will all blow over.

But you know that, deep down, nothing will ever be the same.

Life will forever be different.

You will never return to life as you know it.

Death will always peek around, looking for you.

And you can never escape.

Never see your friends, watch your heroes, like Kobe or Chadwick Boseman, die, when you never knew what would happen if they died.

So that means we give up right?

Do we just accept death?


The answer is no.

No matter what.


Do you ever wonder about those?

Dreams are our brain's own way of the world, of the unlimited abilities of our imagination.

Reality is failing.

We are failing.

We blame others, we fight,

we break the world apart.

But dreams? We can just imagine the perfect world.

Forget the real world.

We need to fix it.

But we also need to stay calm.

This is a "pandemic," not a "panicdemic."

We need to survive.

But we can't panic.

We need to stay calm.

Just dream that, one day,

no matter how long,

we will win.

We will beat the virus.

We won't just give up.

That's what we shouldn't do.

We don't need to do this.

This isn't over.

No matter how many people have died.

They would want us to keep going.

So don't give up.

If life is hard,

then just dream.

Keep on dreaming.

If MLK could achieve it,

then you can too.

You may think I'm wrong, but I have the worst luck in the world, but look at me.

I'm not giving up.

I will never give up.

Neither should you.

So no matter how hard life gets,

just remember the most important thing of all.







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