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flameo لماذا أنت هنا؟ مساحة شخصية...
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Here's an update on what's happening.


Aight. Here's an update on what's happening.


I haven't made a story in a while.

That's cause I'm working on them.

Don't worry, there's no cancellation.


Let me fill you in.

First off, the "Guys... come on." story.

Didn't get any reactions except for two other people.

Which is disappointing, but not like I didn't expect this.

And the teasers? Probably gonna make a couple more.

Also, the Fnaf AU.

It's gonna be epic, called "Five Nights at Foxy's."

I'm working on a prequel story before I get deeper into the lore.

As for the Star Wars thing?

It's moving, just... slowly.

I've been procrastinating.

Which is bad, because the teaser is the most popular post I've made.

Which is awesome.

Don't worry, I'll try to have "Tales of the Force #1" as soon as possible. Maybe.

Also, the Henry Stickmin thing.

No one knows what it is.

Let me explain.

Basically, it's me expanding the story with more OC's, new lore, more to the endings, etc.

I'll get into that in another post.

There will be some Marvel stuff, just don't know when.

There will also be my own original universes, just for fun.

So yeah. Please read the post tagged "Muslim," and... yeah.

Don't rush me. I got work.

See ya.

Oh yeah, a couple more things.

The Undertale thing won't be canceled, but it WILL take a while.

Also, there will definitely be an Among Us thing soon. Hopefully.

Working hard, guys!

And one more thing.

The creator lied to us.

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