The Cancelled sims
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flameo لماذا أنت هنا؟ مساحة شخصية...
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The Cancelled sims

Hey, Flamites.

So, as I recently said, I'm canceling a few of my sims.

No one said anything because they're idiots.

T-that was a joke, guys.

Anyways, I've made a few decisions.

Adventure will be merged with Dystopia(since they're basically the same).

I'm canceling the normal one indefinitely.

And I'm either combining or canceling Harry Potter and/or LOTR.

I'm probably gonna cancel LOTR.

And as for Harry Potter? I guess it could stay because it has a good timeline, and prequels could easily be written, whereas LOTR is much too complex.

So yeah.

The next sign-up will be a Marvel one, since the Adventure will take too long, so after Marvel Star Wars will then get a sign-up.

So yeah.

See ya.

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