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flameo لماذا أنت هنا؟ مساحة شخصية...
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Actually comment guys.

Simulator decision


Basically, almost a week ago, I put out an announcement that I'm doing a simulator.

I decided to wait about a week to see the results.

Here they are.

And the winner is... time travel!

From what I could see, the majority was Time Travel.

Which is great...

Except I didn't expect it to win.

So I am obviously gonna do it...


Other comments have given me a new perspective.

They all said the same thing.

"All of these sound really good!"

@darlin_devil, @inkdragon, and @elleseng said that.

Strangely, those might be my top 3 writers.

So I have made a decision.

With a few exceptions,


Let me explain.

First off(obviously), I'm doing the Time Travel one first.

Then I'll just count down.

Like so:

1. Time Travel With the most votes, Time Travel will (possibly) become a series. 2. Horror Thankfully, Horror got a few votes as well. I cannot wait to do this.

3. Adventure I didn't exactly plan for this, but it should be fun. But, uh, the rest is very jumbled. SINCE SOME OF THEM GOT 0 VOTES

4. Normal NO idea what to do here. 5. Dystopia YES GOOD

Now, as I said, some of these got almost 0 votes. In fact, Marvel and Star Wars got ONE vote. ONE?! That's surprising... So the rest will be custom. Also, I'm not doing all of them.

6. LOTR This is gonna be fun... 7. Marvel I'm doing it no matter what Also, I came up with the Symbiote War concept a while ago. 5 of them, in fact.

8. Star Wars I have to do this, ok? I NEED TO. 9. Harry Potter With one vote, this will be a prelude to what I call the "Potter Saga".

And that's it. The other 3(Minecraft, Roblox GD, etc.) are unfortunately canceled. But I'll probably either bring them back or write at least one post about them. Actually, let's do one more...

I couldn't think of any other sim, but I got an idea. Please vote in the comments which of the three stories you have, I really want to have 10 to complete it all. Please actually comment.

One more thing. I'll get a sign-up post soon, so yeah. Until next time, Flamites.


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