Sad Update
Sad Update fake stories

flameo لماذا أنت هنا؟ مساحة شخصية...
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Not really, but it's just a quick thing.

Sad Update


Tales of the Force #1 was gonna come today, followed by Fna(Foxy's).

They didn't.

Look, this year got off to a really bad start...

And although I want to get my stuff out as soon as possible...

I'm pushing till next week(Jan. 29)

I hope you understand.

Oh yeah, to honor Ninjago's 10th anniversary, I'm doing a special story in early Feb.

And the Iron Man story's coming February 5th.

So yeah.

Horrors will come... just not sure when.

Look out for some teasers though!

That's it.

Oh, and once I reach 30 followers, I'm doing a Q&A.

To celebrate after that, I'm doing something special.

Write in the comments, and I'll get to you tomorrow.

Till then, stay safe, Flamites. We may be a small group, but we... are not at all mighty,

And yes, I am calling you Flamites from now on lol.

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