I'm back! (Initial Roadmap)
I'm back! (Initial Roadmap) e stories

flameo I have returned.
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Hey, Flamites. It's been a while, huh?

I'm back! (Initial Roadmap)

Hey, Flamites.

It's been a while, huh?

I've been on vacation and have been back for about two weeks.

Yeah, sorry about that.

But don't worry! Because I promise to continue writing for a long, long time.

On all accounts.

So here is what's gonna happen from now on.

August: Random trailers Description: I'll just release random trailers/previews for future stories.

September: Tales of The Force #2(Pre-GCW): Betrayal and chaos Description: From multiple POV's, this takes place after Order 66 and features [REDACTED] and a Jedi [REDACTED], and even [REDACTED]

September: Five Nights at Foxy's: Night 1 Description: The night guard discovers that not all is normal with the kid-friendly animatronics. Soon, the night will arise.

October: Time Travel Episode 2: The Discovery Description: Basically, them travelling through time and meeting Drago. Oh yeah, Drago. I'm not going to say anything... yet.

October: Five Sims at Freddy's Night 1 Description: Can't say too much!

October: The Horrors Chapter 1 Description: Again, can't say too much.

November: Birthday Special Description: That's right, November 7th is my B-Day! Can't wait...

November: Two unnamed Undertale Projects Description: Secrets, secrets...

November: Metal Man Act 1: Arise Description: A Marvel story featuring my very first Muslim OC!

December: Some miscellaneous stuff

Now for @darlin_devil!

August: ...

September: Some teasers

October: 414 Chapter 1: The Demon of Gravity Falls Description: Basically, The Ink Demon is brought into the world of Gravity Falls.

November: Another Birthday Special, this one horror-themed!

November: Unnamed Batim story Description: Yup! I'm making a Bendy solo story!

And that's it, as for @mine_community I'm undecided. Until next time, Flamites.


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