Guys... come on.
Guys... come on. muslim stories

flameo لماذا أنت هنا؟ مساحة شخصية...
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Guys... come on.


So 2 days ago, I read @pro_crastinate's latest story.

You know, the one about black lives matter and LGBTQ+?

It was ok.

But it made me think.

What about people like me?

If you don't know, I'm a Muslim.

And I'm tired. Ok?

I'm tired of people acting like we don't matter.

I've been bullied a lot.

And it's only now I realize it's because of who I am.

People of my religion are disregarded, or branded terrorists.

Why? Because some people claiming to be Muslims destroyed the twin towers?

That's the problem with you people.

One Muslim goes astray,

suddenly, all Muslims are terrorists.

I'm just a kid, guys.

And I'm tired.


You see movies about the LGBTQ+ community.

But never one about Muslims.

Stuff like the Bilal movie are the only few.


Because we're hated.

Not even as Heroes.

Ms. Marvel is not at all a role model.

She's nothing.

And I despise her more since we're both Pakistani.

The point is, we basically don't exist.

And yet, we're everywhere.

I know, I know,

Some of you guys came only for entertainment.

Do I look like I care?

Maybe you only followed me because I like Fnaf, Batim,

Undertale, Henry, etc.

You might unfollow me.

But do I look like I give a care?

That's not my point.

The point is, you guys should stop.

I'm human, too.

You'd gladly support LGBTQ+ or something.

Guys, seriously?

I'm just like you.

Stop it.

Do something about Muslims.

We matter.

We always have.

Every living being matters.

And I'm tired of acting like that's not true.

But you're not.

Are you?

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