The Princess and the Camel Chapter 2
The Princess and the Camel

Chapter 2 poetry stories

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The Oasis finds itself embroiled as the citizens wonder if the Chieftain will let her in...

Late release! I am a master procastinator, after all! (I'll work on this, I promise). Enjoy.

The Princess and the Camel Chapter 2

The Princess and the Camel by FlameCat99 Chapter 2

Kilometers away, a small, young, dark brown girl recognized that color... chills.

"Mama'll be thrilled!" She ran from the tower telling all to go shower.

"The king's desert flower never once left her castle! Our ponds deep blue'll dazzle!"

By the gates, kids huddled. "She must rather dull." "Royals are never useful!"

"I hate all the royals." The girl just kept running. "Mama's probably working."

The adults were crowding her mother. "Chieftain! Will you let that mongrel royal through?"

"Mama already knew?" Her mother's soft, deep voice Made them cease their noises.

"Of course, for I rejoice her father's allyship on the day of the eclipse..."

Next time: She thought Kuzco flinched. "What is wrong? Are you ill?" The oasis became still.

She shook her head until...

To be continued June 13th.

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