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I'll miss him so much, I can never thank him enough for all that he's given me... so here's a eulogy (written as a haibun, aka prose poetry ending with a haiku) in his honor
2.1.2012 ~ 3.16.2021

Streak of Light

Streak of Light 2.1.2012 - 3.16.2021 by FlameCat99

Oh, stable hero! How I have failed you, my love. Forever more will I miss you

Streak of light, Once bright, bitty, and bumbling Once strong, swift, and snappy (truly a streak!) Over time, crippled… Over time, a hobbled curmudgeon.

Yet you remained ever loving, Ever protecting of those you Loved~

I am sorry for your pain, But please do not accept my apology For I lack excuses… Merely thank me and move on Join the night sky once more (may we reunite once more)

Existence here was but a mere moment When compared to the post amongst the luminaries Bouncing and bounding eternally above

Sadly, even the blessed image that I hold of you in my mind will become blurred, faint, darkened.

(how I will lament when that day comes, In which I will struggle to recollect Your beauty)

Sadly, even the blessed image that I hold of you in my mind will become blurred, faint, darkened. And only the sheer joy you brought me will remain.

I am so very sorry For making a choice so crucial Without your full consent... “We had your best interests in mind!” (but not your actual thoughts)

“We wanted to spare you from more pain!” (but did you want to be “spared?”)

I will love you forever, My lovely baby boobey bubby boy A small being who demanded Insurmountable importance From me and many more

I will forever thank my stars for being allowed to share time with you in this fleeting existence.

A streak of light Reuniting with the stars. Please, enjoy what may lie ahead… Rest peacefully, Whatever you think, Whatever you desire, Glorious streak!

Golden streak of light, who blessed me with loving rays, May we meet again~

author's note: thank you for reading this. please, be grateful to your loved ones!

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