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flamecat99 20yo college student, <3 energy drinks
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Hope everybody's been doing well these past couple of weeks! Here are my experiences with poetry lately!

Quick Update

Hi, Flame here!

If anybody's been wondering why I haven't posted lately, I've been focusing on learning about and experimenting with poetry (and dealing with school and work, but THAT'S not fun :///).

I got a book called Poetry 101 by Susan Dalzell, so I've been reading about different styles and whatnot. I've been focused on like...

accents and unaccenting my poetic lines, which is so much fun! It's difficult but rewarding.

I haven't written anything that I want to share just yet, cuz I also got a Write the Poem by Piccadilly at my local Half Price Books.

That has plenty of oneshots, some that I think might be worth revising.

Overall, I've been TRYING to write something almost daily. Some days I get super tired (yesterday I worked 10.5 hours, wooo) so I'll just chill.

Other days, I'll write for my school paper. That's been incredibly rewarding, but even more challenging because I have to deal with the anxiety-causing procrastination... ugh.

Also, I'm taking a short trip to Mexico soon! So, expect some poetry en Espanol ;).

Well, that's my mini-update! I'd love to hear how you guys are doing. Share some great news, or poetry you're proud to have produced! Feel free to DM me :)

Until next time~~~~

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