The Professor and The Investigator
The Professor and The Investigator scifi stories

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The first in a series of short stories. Unregulated research is being used for unknown and mysterious purposes.

The Professor and The Investigator

Wisps of smoke rose towards the ceiling. The Investigator let out a guttural cough while waving the smoke out of his face.

His stubby, swollen fingers placed the half-smoked cigar into a tray on the desk in front of The Professor.

She shifted her weight to lean slightly closer to The Investigator behind the desk, as if prompting him to speed up his thinking.

"I still don't understand what you want me to do about this", he grumbled out.

Her face soured slightly.

"I believe that my department is stealing my work and I want to know why".

She emphasized the final word by leaning back into the chair. By now the cigar had died down but the smoke still lingered near the ceiling and the smell filled the small office.

The window emitted a vibrant neon glow from the street signs outside as the rain pelted the glass.

It was The Investigators turn to ease back into his creaky office chair. The ears of a large dog in the corner turned at the noise. The Professor could not recall The Dogs name.

"Well, this really seems above my expertise and my willingness to pursue. I discover the secrets morons try to hide.

I like to be the smartest person in the room when I work, and you know things that are very far beyond my understanding."

The Investigator chuffed with this statement, obviously feeling intimidated by the prospect of investigating a corporation.

The Professor leaned forward again into almost the exact same position as earlier.

"I don't need you to understand my research, just to figure what they are using it for"

"Who is they?"

"That is what I would pay you to figure out"

"You aren't making sense, professor and I think this conversation is wearing me out, we are going in circles.

My best guess would be that you are working on unregulated artificial intelligences for Dyna, which I might add is one of the largest corporations in existence."

The Professor leaned back again, the shifting of her weight like an oscillating clock. She pondered her next statement carefully. The Investigator picked at the armrest of his desk chair.

The Professor's face loosened, she pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. She lit the end and took a deep draw.

As The Professor exhaled, The Investigator loosened as well and picked up his cigar again.

"Your best guess is correct".

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