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inspiration from @sy and @PoemsAboutMe, i decided to make my own. honestly, i suck at cooking-all i eat is nutella and ramen. but i have infinite respect for those who can cook and those who make an effort to learn like me. even still, there's nothing wrong with not being able to cook. just my thoughts

what cooking is like

(side note, i finally learned how to add images so now im not lame)

cooking is a lot like life in a cheesy sort of way

ingredients make up a final product,

and steps along the way cause different reactions.

the final product is not the same every time, since everyone handles things differently.

some recipes work out and are delicious.

some end up as fails and end up in the trash.

the important thing about cooking though, is that you keep doing it.

keep learning from mistakes and keep on trying.

because there can't be food without someone making it,

and you grow with every mistake and are rewarded with every success.

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