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my dnd adventure at my friends birthday

roll d20

we were playing Dungeons and Dragons at my friends birthday (he was the dm). the dungeon he had made was an anime one, with constant references to different shows we like.

our first obstacle was from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

(heads up I don't watch Jojo-although i keep meaning to)

the two muscular enemies told us we couldn't pass yet. the person next to me had the idea to seduce them. her, another person, and i roll to seduce the two men. other two botch their rolls,

i roll a nat20

dm doesn't let us seduce the men.

we pass through a FMA Brotherhood room-where two of our members get mentally pulled through two doors by black hands where they go insane for a moment.

we pass through another room where we fight a 2 dimensional chimera. my bard makes it grovel using my magic recorder.

our next enemy was my favorite. we went into this room with tapestries depicting pokemon on them.

me and the girl next to me opt to check behind the tapestries where we find sarcophagi and promptly open them to find mummified pokemon trainers.

the battle was epic and resulted in three of us (including me) getting poke balls.

we walk through to the next room where we find a 12 foot tall man sitting on a throne with riches at his feet. he tells us we need to give him an offering if we want to pass.

the 3 of us give him our poke balls while the other three give him varying objects. he accepts them.

i get the idea to seduce him again. this time, 4 of us try. the first three of us roll well, with me rolling a 19.

giant man says we are not his type.

fourth one botches his roll

no seduction for us.

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