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Hello, I just want some honest comments for the structure and quality of this poem. Can anybody help me to just edit its stanzas or something?<br/>Thankyou :)

The Addict

by fizzanaseem

When smoke sways and glitter dances on the beat,

When gravity lets me go and my little heart sneaks,

When shadows swirl around and arrogance seems sweat,

When I crack a lovely laugh and drops a crystal glass

then feel something on my cheek,

I see you.

When my flesh shivers in need and my mind doesn't believe,

When someone comes to help me and my nostrils get relieved,

When nothing makes sense anymore and traffic just conceals

I see you

When the smoke inside and out gets shape of a pretty face

When your lips curl up in a huge undescribable grace

When I manage to get on my feet and go to have a feel,

When I stretch my hand to touch you, but I touch nothing,

I bleed,

then close my eyes and breathe

I see you.

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