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fivecents The crows are calling for disaster
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my brain needs help

Thoughts For Today

It has been a few days since I posted anything but currently I am all out of ideas

On the bright side if anyone wants to learn about histology I'm your gal

No seriously I just spent two hours looking into a microscope at like 20 different slides

I was hoping to relax by writing something but literally nothing is coming to mind except for the word pseudostratified because I think it's funny :)

Fun fact of the day pseudostratified columnar cells look like they are in layers but they really are just shaped weird and it's all one layer (crazy right?)

Their function is mainly protection but if they have cilia on them they will also help move mucus and things in the respiratory tract

I know I'm going insane here

Okay I'll be done but if you every want to know more fun facts I'm always here lol :) - @fivecents

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