Sleepless Nightmare
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fivecents The crows are calling for disaster
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Sitting upon the gravestone she saw it there. One loose piece of parchment, laying in the dirt. She wondered if that was why she was here. Picking up the paper she saw it contained mysterious writing. She couldn't quite make it out because of how dark it was in the graveyard and there was a thick fog rolling in.

Sleepless Nightmare

Sitting upon the gravestone she saw it there. One loose piece of parchment, laying in the dirt. She wondered if that was why she was here.

Picking up the paper she saw it contained mysterious writing. She couldn't quite make it out because of how dark it was in the graveyard and there was a thick fog rolling in.

To be completely honest this place gave her the creeps but she was waiting for someone, or so she thought.

When she originally found the gravestone that the mysterious letter from the day before had led her, she decided to sit down a while and wait for whatever was supposed to happen to happen.

The stone she was on read, Thomas Williams, loving father, cherished husband 1970-2013. There were no chairs around Mr.

William's grave so she went for the headstone, trying to prove to herself that where she was didn't bother her.

Now what? She had yet another strange note in her hands, and just like the first, the parchment was burned on the sides and stained slightly yellow.

The first note had appeared on her window yesterday morning. It had said to meet by this exact gravestone but at least it was clear.

Despite the fact that it was dark, she knew the words on the new note weren't legible. This was all so confusing, she debated weather to give up and go home.

Eventually she sighed, no, she was in this to win it. Walking out of the graveyard, new note in hand, she headed back to her house.


Once inside she headed strait for her room, locked the door, closed the curtain, and turned on the light. I can do this she thought as she inspected the note further.

The letters on the parchment did look English but backwards and they didn't make any sense. Wait... with a start she realized, mirror writing.

Now she smiled, "C'mon really," she said out loud to her empty room, "I learned to write in mirror writing since I was like five.

" Holding the parchment up to her mirror she could now make out the words. It read: "SO GLAD YOU DECIDED TO TAKE UP THE RACE. SO FAR 20 OTHERS DECIDED TO ACCEPT AND HAVE PICKED UP THEIR PACE.



After scoffing at the horrible attempt to rhyme she considered the other twenty people all going for the same goal. That's not so bad, she thought, at least its less than fifty.

The sewers on the other hand, might be an issue. They were beyond gross. Flipping the parchment over she decided there was nothing else this note could offer.

Unlike last time, there was no timeline attached to the note, great, she thought, I am officially in, there is no turning back now (not that she wanted to anyway, she needed answers).

She hung the note up, next to the second on her wall and got ready for a trip to the sewers.

She wasn't exactly sure what to bring, but she decided on two flashlights, a map of the city, some granola bars, a bottle of water, a glow in the dark marker,

and the knife that her dad gave her when she was nine. Before putting the knife on her belt she studied it in her hand, it was razor sharp and fit in her hand perfectly.

She got a well of sadness in her chest as she thought of her father again. For him, she thought, closing her hand around her knife, she could do this.

She zipped up her hoodie, not wanting to focus on the chill of late October and headed to a place she knew well.

She walked up and with a wave of relief realized no one had visited her spot... the old manhole.

This manhole was an open sewer access that construction workers always tried to cover because of safety reasons.

Because this place was hidden and not accessible to the general public it was a perfect place for her to run as a child when she was scared or sad.

Often times she came here when she was thinking of her dad too much, or when she wanted to escape from school.

Either way it was her ticket in to the sewers below, and one step closer to the answers she needed.

Even as a girl who came here a lot she had never actually been in the sewers, and while she was climbing down she was glad of it too.

The ladder was wet and rusty and by the time she reached the bottom, her hands were covered in gunk. She wanted a shower badly but knew there was no time.

Wiping her hands on her jeans she felt a little better and pulled out a flash light. The recent note was right about one thing, everything was wet down here.

Mix the wet, smelly air of the sewers with the fact that it was the middle of the night, made for the perfect horror movie set up.

Or at least a very bad situation to be in she thought with a huff. Looking around, the walls were made of greenish rock and very crumbly.

The sewer itself was not very wide, although it was about fifteen feet tall.

The ground was covered in wet smelly sewage water and instantly went on the top ten things that are horribly disgusting list.

Within the first five minutes her shoes and bottoms of her leg were soaked and she smelled like a dead rat, unless that was one of the countless dead rats she had seen since being down here.

As she weaved through the tunnels, she marked the walls with the glow in the dark marker.

She thought this would be the best way to eventually find her way out of here, whenever the time came.

Since she didn't exactly know where to go, she figured she would just head towards the heart of the city. There was someone who was supposed to help her.

Not creepy at all, she thought, some random dude in the sewers to help her. What had her life become these past few days?

Slowly but surely she made her way through the dank, disgusting tunnels of the sewer. She could only hope she was moving in the right direction.

It had been a while since she had slept, she might just be a sleep deprived zombie walking around aimlessly in what could be the most disgusting place in the city.

Soon, however, she did notice a change in the gross monotony she was stuck in. The walls started to widen as she went further down.

They also turned from a sickly green to more of a polished creme, and the floor became almost dry as she kept walking. This was weird, definitely not part of the original sewers, she thought.

The smell of dead rat was even going away.

Before she had any time to process what this meant, rough hands grabbed her neck making it almost impossible to breath.

She felt her body be slammed against one of the walls and her vision started to go black. No! She didn't know what was happening but she knew it wasn't good.

Her hands fumbled around by her belt but she could barely see anything, just breaths from passing out. Finally she had it, her knife gratefully in her hands.

She slashed at the dreaded arms pinning her down and was granted with a sweet wave of fresh air as the grip loosed on her neck.

Sucking in a deep breath she let out a scream and kicked her attacker in the chest, sending him a few feet back, but thankfully away from her.

The next move came from him, lunging at her, this time for her arms. She used her knife once more against his big burly hands.

Then, in the blink of an eye she continued her attack to his chest, the knife breaking through to his skin as blood now seeped onto his shirt.

The man staggered back a few more feet holding his chest in clear discomfort. She knew she couldn't keep up the same moves for long, so she took her opportunity to sprint down the hallway.

She barely registered the fact that there were now lights attached to the ceiling so she could see, because her attacker was right on her heels.

He was breathing hard and obviously didn't expect much of a chase, but he wasn't slowing down either.

She was shocked cold for the second time however as the man chasing her let out a terrible scream and then a thud.

Whirling around she saw the man on the floor, heavy build, rough, patchy red hair and now passed out cold.

She also saw a woman behind him looking back at her with some sort of device in her hand.


" Was this the friend she was supposed to make or another person who was going to hurt her. She couldn't tell but didn't want stick around and find out so she started to leave.

As she turned to run again the woman spoke words that instantly sent a chill up her spine and glued her feet to the ground. "Adira Williams is it?" The woman spoke.

"H- how do you?"

"hush child don't keep your father waiting." Her tone was impatient like she was on a timeline.

"not possible" Adira started, "he's dead" she had a very uneasy feeling in her gut now.

"not dead Adira" the woman coed, "just waiting... for you actually, and luckily you found his notes in time"

"NO!" Adira screamed, "the others, we are supposed to get information about the disappearances, the test." Adira's mind was buzzing so fast now she could barely focus on anything.

"Ah yes, that's what you may have thought, but there were no other disappearances, and there is no one else searching for answers"

"but..." Adira couldn't get the words out of her mouth anymore, it was like she forgot how to speak at all, her tong was cement.

"The other forty-nine disappearances that was broadcasted on the news was all planned by your father so that you didn't come looking." The woman looked at her watch.

"I think your father will explain it a bit better." With that, the woman smiled slightly and walked away.

Adira was frozen where she stood, not knowing what the heck was going on anymore, panic gripped her heart.

As she stood there, sure that she was living some kind of twisted nightmare, she heard him softly approach from behind, speaking with that familiar voice she had dreamed of many lonely nights.

"Adira, my child, your home now." Adira turned around to see once more... her clearly not dead father, Thomas Williams.

If you read this far thank you very much <3 - @fivecents

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