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Inside CLUE (the game) clue stories

fivecents The crows are calling for disaster
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Ever played the game CLUE?

Inside CLUE (the game)

I was trying my best to go from room to room. I didn't have any clues as to who the killer was and it didn't look like I was ever going to get some.

My information was limited and no one was helping me. The entire time I had to keep pestering people to see what they knew... No body seemed to know anything.

I had been to the library, the study, the billiard room, and the kitchen over and over again. Clearly nothing happened in those rooms.

I had investigated the revolver, the candlestick, and the lead pipe as well but no leads were found there either. The other guests were even worse.

I tried to be a good detective and ask questions but they were impossible. Mr.

Green wouldn't shut up about the new shoes he had gotten for this party, and how Miss Scarlet was trying to act suspicious. When I would go to Scarlet she just kept pointing fingers at Prof.

Plum. She kept telling me how he was obsessed with the lounge and that I should investigate. I didn't particularly like that side of the house though because...

I would sometimes catch two or three of them whispering together in the lounge or the hall,

but whenever I tried to join they would instantly stop or pretend to talk about something dumb like the weather. This always made me uneasy. I started to get worried but decided to continue my own search.

I investigated the cook several times over but she kept insisting I help her arrange things in the dining room. I asked her if she knew anything or had been talking to the other guests.

She would never answer my questions though. She was a total space case that couldn't be helped, clearly still in shock from her masters death.

I couldn't take it anymore, this was going to drive me insane. Someone better let us all go home or I was going to be here forever. I had a life to get back to.

I couldn't possibly be here much longer or I was going to end up like the crazy cook Mrs. White. Somebody had to shut her up... she wouldn't stop following me after my last visit to the kitchen.

"please sir... you must help me... the dining room... I have to get things ready" over and over again she would say until finally I snapped. "FINE" I spat. come with me.

Then I was off to the dining room to shut this crazy cook up once and for all. Once we got there she did stop talking. She stopped breathing actually... then I put her right next to Mr. Peabody.

Finally some peace and quite. I went back to my search, still not uncovering any new information. Good. That's how it needed to be.

Who did it? What weapon was used? Where was it done? Guess in the comments... ?

This is one of my favorite board games and I also enjoy the movie, so I thought it would be fun to write about. I hope it was a fun read as well :) - @fivecents

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