Endless Thoughts
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fivecents The crows are calling for disaster
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Sometimes I have so many stories and ideas in my head and they all swirl around until I can put something on paper.

Endless Thoughts

Writing to ease my pain. Writing to ease the pain of the world. Locked inside this prison of my brain with no way out.

How am I supposed to cope with a hurricane of thoughts but to write, write, write away. Anything and everything I can think of I write.

Some say it is a blessing others call it a curse, I call it lost. Lost in my own head and the only way out is on paper. Writing, writing, writing my thoughts away.

Where they go no one knows, writing my thoughts away. How many, swirling around, looking to be pieced together. It drives me mad. Oh how I write to ease the pain, to ease the pain of the world.

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