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fivecents The crows are calling for disaster
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This is my entry for secret_lover's contest... "small space"


this is for secret_lover's contest, I wrote a short story on my interpretation of claustrophobia the prompt was small space

I don't know how they convinced me to do this, I thought as I was getting ready for the concert.

My two best friends, Brianna and Juli both knew I hated things like this but they had made me go anyway. "you haaaveeee to come" they had said. "We can't go without you it wouldn't be right.

" The thing is... I had always felt like I was dragging them down. I never went anywhere they begged me to. I felt bad that I had always done that to them and they really were great friends.

That is why I guess I had decided to bite the bullet on this one and go with. I just hoped that I could find a space to escape for a bit once I was there.

Just thinking of that many people all in one room made me want to shudder.

On the drive Brianna wouldn't stop jumping up and down in her seat. Juli put a hand out to stop her "Quit it I'm driving" she said.

"I'm sorry" Brianna exclaimed, trying not to bounce anymore, "I'm just so excited...

Amber is finally going somewhere cool and we are going to have the best night ever and we are going to remember this night forever!!!" She was talking so fast now I could barely keep up.

I saw Juli look at me through the rear view mirror with a worried look on her face.

"Your sure your okay with this right?" Juli asked

"Yes I'm fine" I reassured her. She smiled, clearly relieved.

"Okay good" She said, "then Brianna is right, this will be fun." I nodded and Brianna started another round of bouncing but to be honest I wasn't so sure about this anymore.

I hoped it wasn't going to be too crowded or too loud, but I couldn't let my friends know that I was having second thoughts or Juli would drive right back to my house and we would stay there.

That would honestly be great but I couldn't ruin this for them, not again. Not after they had both been raving about this band, what were they called...

whatever, for like weeks now, ever since they heard that they would be performing in our area. Our town never gets such legends, they had said.

I couldn't let them get their hopes and dreams crushed by me again. I was doing this.

I got out of the car instantly regretting every decision I had ever made.

I hated concerts, this was going to be strait up torture for me, but when I saw the look on my two friends faces, I knew I would still make the same decision given the choice.

This made them both so happy, it was the least I could do to support them. "C'mon" Brianna squealed, "We have to get good spots.

" Brianna dragged both me and Juli by the sleeve while astoundingly still bouncing up and down. The energy in that girl, I thought to myself with a smile.

Once we were inside, it took me a while to focus. Everything looked green and wobbly from being outside, but once I could see, I saw that the space was adequately big.

This made me hopeful. I looked around and saw that it was a circle.

The stage was in the center of the room, visible on all sides, then there was open space for standing and dancing, then chairs and bleachers assembled on the very outskirts.

Not many people were here yet so the place looked fairly empty, which put a smile on my face, this could actually be fun.

"Oh my goodness" Brianna was saying, "we have to go to the front, this is our chance." She started toward the stage when she was suddenly jerked back by a powerful force that was Juli's hand.

"wait" said Juli turning towards me, "we should let Amber pick our spot... wherever you feel comfortable Amber"

I looked around the room then back at my friends, "We should go stand near the front" I said.

Juli looked at me again, trying to read my face "you sure?"

"Yes today will be fun" I said, trying to convince myself and them that I was telling the truth.

"Okay" Juli said, "lead the way then." Together we marched ourselves to the front, well, one or two rows back from the front but still pretty up there.

For the first twenty minutes, it was fun. Me and my friends were talking and laughing while waiting for the first band to get set up. They were pretty good and still not many people were around.

None of us really got into the music though because we were hear to see... crap I don't know...

B something? Whatever we were here to see the "stars" of the show apparently, or so Brianna had told me like 100 times.

As the time for our band came closer, more and more people started filing in around us. Slowly at first then it was like I looked up and boom! We were surrounded.

Breath I told myself, I was having fun, its a big room. Looking up towards the ceiling helped, a bit. I could do this, I thought. I am here to have fun not be a stick in the mud.

I could feel Juli looking over at me every once and a while, making sure I was okay. I just kept on smiling and continued breathing slowly. This was easy.


Until it wasn't.

The band had finally come on the stage... BBT, whatever than meant I didn't know. What I was aware of was the screaming from all around me. Instantly my hands shot to my ears.

It's not like there wasn't screaming before, I told myself. This is fine. That's what I kept telling myself, especially when a few songs in, I couldn't do it anymore.

People were all around me and the air seemed to get thicker. I was having a hard time breathing. I couldn't even hear the band anymore everything sounded like loud cluttered noise.

I frantically looked around to find my friends to tell them I had to go to the bathroom for a bit, but suddenly I couldn't find them.

There were so many bodies squishing in all around me. I didn't know where anyone was. Lights, noise, pressure, I can't breath, I can't breath, I can't breath.

Then I was seeing the ceiling again, I was moving towards it? No away? No wait, I couldn't tell up from down or right from left. Everything was an echo.

I felt like I was screaming but I couldn't tell. My hands were clutched at my head. Breath I told myself, stop, but it was no use. I felt the space closing in around me.

Hands feet, everything, it was too much. The corners of my vision were going black, crap. Then I was falling. Soon everything went black.


thanks for reading - @fivecents

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