Almost there
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fivecents The crows are calling for disaster
Autoplay OFF   •   17 days ago
I am almost at 100 followers and I've never done anything like this so we'll see how this goes I guess.

Almost there

Hi everyone so I am almost to 100 followers and I wanted to do something cool for it...

I honestly never thought I would get this far but I appreciate anyone who has commented on my work and supported me throughout these past few months

Sooooooo... to celebrate when I hit the big 100 I am going to do...

Drum roll :)

An art reveal!!!! yayyyyyy

Okay I really didn't know what to do so that's what Ive decided.

full disclosure I am not an artist (like at all) but do love drawing randomly when I am bored

Sooooo I hope this goes well and thank you all once again for the constant love and support I truly love this community <3 - @fivecents

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