greener with the scenery
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trauma has a funny way of messing with your head.

greener with the scenery

(these eyes are empty. these lungs are hollow. these bones will shatter like glass)

i’ve been postconventional for as long as i remember, i think it started when i was six it’s this predisposition to wind up waking up to the suppositions of my malcontent

if you promise to lash out, baby, i promise not to flinch

i’m not the victim if i ask for it, inspirit, crawl up to the guillotine on my hands and knees,

it will always be in my control, until i want you to take over, and you will, and i’ll bleed, as seraphim gaze down upon us and angels weep tears of gold

i am tithe, i am holy ground, and i demand that you desecrate me with fire, adorn me with bruises until i am yours

i’ve been doing this for so long, like picking a scab over and over, unbroken, and this is so much better than love, don’t you see?

kick me, starve me, slam my head into a wall, molest me, baby, please -- wrap the chain around my neck and kiss my blue lips one last time,

carry my teeth with you when i’m gone

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