Just crushing
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firexqueenxQueen of Fire ( I'm also a Wattpader )
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I've got a crush. I'm going to tell him my feelings. What happens after? Especially during Prom?

Just crushing

by firexqueenx

"Tell him!"

My best friend says. I turn around and see him walking away. My nerves act up and I start to shake. I immediately shake my head "no" to my friend, who complains. But he's already gone.

My Crush

He has golden-yellow hair and dark blue eyes. He plays baseball and enjoys volleyball and he's always very funny Anyways, Prom's coming up and I'm only telling him how I feel. Nothing more.

I see him walking through the woods and take my chance.

"Did you want to ask me something?" He says. "Yes, um, I'm not asking you anything, but I wanted to say I've liked you for a little bit now, so, yeah... Bye!" I run away as fast as I can.

Its prom. All my friends got a date but me.

And then he starts walking towards me. My heart flutters as he opens his mouth to speak, "Would you like to dance with me in the next slow dance?" "Sure," I answer but my insides scream, "YES!"

"All of me" by John Legend plays through the speakers.

He slides his hands around my waist and I place mine on his shoulders. We talk and laugh and right before the song ends, he kisses me. He kisses me. My heart explodes in my chest as I kiss back.

I thought I was just crushing.

But now, I've got a wonderful boyfriend. The best I could ever ask for. All because I was brave enough to spill my secret.

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