The most beautiful thing.
The most beautiful thing. love stories

firemaster22 15- been with jonah for 5 months!
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no words could ever describe what this is.

The most beautiful thing.

The most beautiful thing I have ever felt is something that you can never see. One word to describe it is happy or confused there are so many words to describe it.

Some good some bad, some even are both I guess. People look so hard for their soulmate and usually they are right in front of them.

But then you move on and find someone else then you just lost them. What if love wasn't met to be such an easy thing? Or sometimes it's just not met to last.

Love can be like a dream, this large fluffy cloud that you are just laying on with your lover just watching the world go by.

But no matter how much time would go by it would never matter because you were with them. The most beautiful thing in the world is something called love.

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