Silent Scream
Silent Scream trans stories

firelordsokka I’m just tryna practice writing | vi/vik
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I’ve always associated this song with being an afab enby.

Silent Scream

A song by Anna Blue (And what I’m now proclaiming as the new anthem for afab enbies)

I'm caught up in your expectations

You're trying to make me live your dream

But I'm causing you so much frustration

And you only want the best for me

You wanted me to show more interest

To always keep a big bright smile

Be that pinky little perfect princess

But I'm not that type of child

(And the storm is rising inside of me)

Don't you feel that our worlds collide?

(It's getting harder to breathe)

It hurts deep inside

Just let me be

Who I am

It's what you really need to understand

And I hope so hard for the pain to go away

And it's torturing me

(Torturin’ me)

But I can't break free

So I cry and cry, but just won't get it out

My silent scream

(Credits to the original picrews)

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