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firelordsokka I’m just tryna practice writing | vi/vik
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Not as creepy as I wanted but whatever

Carnival Games

Welcome, child.

Come have a seat

You like my tent, yes?

I can see it

Of course, child, your parents are on their way

While we wait, would you like to play a game?

It’s easy I’ll go first

Hold the Tool like so perfect! You’re already getting the hang of it

Now press it right here yes, now push

No it doesn’t No it won’t

See that red? That’s your lifeforce Don’t you want to share it?

Oh of course I’ll take some, but only because you’ve been such a good child. You should give some to your parents too

Yes, they’ll be here soon

Now push deeper. Make the hole bigger.

You’re very good at this game Now my turn

Yes, of course you’re winning.

Sadly, no, this isn’t the kind of game that gives stuffed animals to winners but maybe you’ll still get a prize, if you’re good.

Ah, I believe I can see your parents. Why don’t you go welcome them

No need to make such a fuss, you’re adults after all Surely you can handle a little red

Taking that child away won’t do any good They’ll be back soon enough

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