The Toy Shop
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firefox55 "I just want to help light up the sky"
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The craziest dream of all time. Not the exact retelling. It didn't really end so badly.

The Toy Shop

Fake names used to protect online identity. Me= Aurora (not my real name)

Once upon a time...

It was the second time mom and I visited that hotel in Chicago.

We had the same room number: #763.

It was the room with the secret closet, filled with jewels and Mouse-men who could shrink you if they wanted to.

Mom was at work, so I decided to pay the jewel closet a visit. I opened the door slowly...

There they were, the jewels sparkling. Somehow, I knew better than to try and take them.

I wandered inside, and was suddenly greeted by a sharp pain on my ankle. Oh no. That could only mean a bite from a Mouse-man.

I could feel my body contorting, shrinking smaller and smaller... Until I was the size of a Mouse-man myself. Thankfully, it would only last for ten minutes. Plenty of time before mom would be back.

I found a mouse hole in the wall. Of course I went in. Why not? I had nothing better to do. Just a quick peek...

If I had known what horrors lay back there, I would never have gone in. But I didn't know yet, right?

I walked in darkness, and suddenly---

I was falling.

And I landed... in a toy factory?

And there was...

My mom.

It made no sense. Mom was a pharmacist!


My ten minutes were up. I felt myself returning to my original size.

"Aurora?" mom asked. "What are you doing here?" "I could ask the same thing to you, mom."

"Come with me," mom said, "and I'll explain everything."

Mom shoved me in a room and locked the door behind me. SHe did not come in with me.

"You should have known not to come in here..." mom said. This place is top secret. Anyone outside this place who knows of it is rendered unable to live any longer due to knowing too much. This place isn't a toy factory... it's a secret cult where we make counterfeit currency. And now you must die."

Mom pressed a button and the air was sucked out of the room. I couldn't breathe. And right before I died...

I woke up.


Hope you enjoyed! Bye! -FireFox55

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