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“It all started with the Sandwing, if you ask me.” A mysterious prequel to Wings of Flame.

Wings of Flame: How it All Started

Chapter One Gulf

It all started with the Sandwing, if you ask me. She said she was a messenger from Queen Thorn. She was quite odd-looking, actually.

Her pale yellow scales had an unusual orange tint to them when in the sunlight, and her eyes were a sea green color. She talked to Queen Reef quickly, then flew off.

Nobody but me noticed the barb on the tip of her tail catch on Queen Reef’s wing as the little dragon soared up and away.

Two days later, Queen Reef was in a special cave with the healers all trying to save her.

Just hours after she was brought to the healers, an explosion blasted the side of the newly built island palace of the Seawings. Everyone rushed to the accident.......

And that’s the last time anyone saw Queen Reef.

Now, it’s a week later, and a spy for the Seawings reported that Queen Ruby was killed by mysterious dragons.

They looked like Icewings, as they were pale whitish-blue scaled, but nobody knows who they were or why they killed her.

Actually, there is no confirmation she’s dead, but most think she couldn’t of survived being pushed off of a ledge so high......... but I’m sure something dramatic happened.

By the way, my name is— “Gulf! What are you writing NOW?!”

“Oh, lay off Ash. You’re just upset your name isn’t as cool as his!”

Yeah, my name is Gulf, I’m a Seawing, and I fly with the other Jades. The Jades are dragons who were considered outcasts of their tribes and ran away. We’re not just Seawings.

Ash is a Mudwing who was unwanted by his bigwings for some unknown reason.

There’s Phoenix and Fly, who are Skywing sisters and escaped the dungeon after they were thrown in there for something they didn’t do.

Shadowflight, a Nightwing, was left abandoned and was found by Cascade, one of our missing Jade friends, and brought to our cave/camp/home. She also found Tundra, an Icewing.

Aura, Toucan, and our other missing Jade Spark are all Rainwings. The weird thing is, none of the Jades are Sandwings. No Sandwings have ever even come near our cave.

We all wonder where the Jades went. And how they disappeared. I wonder if we’ll ever— “LOOK OUT!” Tundra yelled. “Incoming delivery—and news!” I’ve got to go.

Maybe Tundra found out something important. Something about saving our friends...

Chapter Two Aura

Dear Gulf, I know, I disappeared. But I didn’t, really. I’ve missed you, with your funny jokes and faces. I’ve missed Tundra, with all of her grand (loud) entrances. Ash, with his sarcastic and judgmental view of life. But I am in my true happy place, and I want you to be with me. Meet me at the old Night Kingdom plaza, two moons from now. From, Aura

Gulf. My friend. Gulf. My jokester. Gulf. My therapist. Gulf. My everything. Gulf. My secret crush. Or maybe....... not so secret?

It all started with the SeaWings, if you ask me. Their Queen Reef was the first to go missing. They started all of this queen trouble with the tribes. “Hey, Aura, take a look at this!” A dragon calls. “Looks like a note!” That’s my partner, Borealis. He’s interesting, but he’s not Gulf. That’s one of the few things I miss about Pyrrhia and flying with the Jades. The Sunshine Kingdom is just always busy,

especially now with the StormWings having no true queen. I read something about the War of SandWing Succession onceThe SandWing tribe was torn between sisters Blister, Blaze, and Burn until the war was stopped by the great five Dragonets of Destiny, leaving the throne with Queen Thorn. I guess this is kind of like that, except worse. The royal StormWing sisters, Princesses Cumulus,

Breeze, Cyclone, and Thunder, now fight over the throne, as Queen Gust was killed by badgers. Breeze is the StormWing favorite, but Thunder is the bravest and strongest. Cumulus is the oldest but doesn’t have many StormWings on her side. And Cyclone is the smartest but the youngest. And (yes, it does get worse), Gust’s niece Downpour and her friend Twister are also contenders.

This whole war is a mess, plus the SunWings are being double agents, allied with Princess Cyclone but also with Downpour and Twister. An attack on the StormWing fortress is being held tomorrow, but I am technically still on Mission Fang, so I am not fighting. Princess Spark is, though, probably because she insisted on helping and that since she’s on “vacation” from Mission

Fang she can fight with her tribe. She’ll make a great queen one day. After all, she’s the only heir to the SunWing throne left. Queen Solar has been repeatedly laying eggs in the hatchery, but they are all getting smashed. Spark and her sister Violet were the last two SunWing heirs before somebody started smashing the eggs. But Violet died while she was checking on a distant outpost off on a small island

in Violet Bay. It wasn’t named after the Violet that died, it was named after Queen Violet, who lived thousands of years ago. Now, tomorrow I’ll be stuck taking care of the old dragons as well as assisting Dawn with the dragonets. It’s going to be a long day.........

Chapter Three Spark

Spark was a princess. She was the direct heir to the SunWing throne. She also knew something nobody—not Solar or Tundra or Gulf— had gotten her to say: Princess Violet was still alive. And one day, one day very soon, she would come to assume her role as the StormWing queen. You see, Spark and Violet’s father— his name unknown— was a StormWing, so the princesses were half StormWing. Father’s

plan was for Violet to be queen of the StormWings, and for Spark to be Queen of the SunWings. And that plan would play out very soon. Spark was sure of it.

The Beginning!

Author’s Note This will sadly be the last story I post for a long time. I’ve gotten too busy to make time for Commaful right now, but I will be back.

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