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A sequel to the Wings of Fire series that takes place 1,273 years later.
Pyntala Academy is a school for dragonets. Their mission is to stop war and damage to the dragon planet in the future, but some do not want this. Can these dragonets solve the mystery of why and stop them before it’s too late?

Wings of Flame A Wings of Fire Fanfiction

THE FLAME PROPHECY The Flame shall burn One queen shall die Others left to learn The Flame shall burn A secret hides in their tower A secret hides in their eggs A secret to save any dragon That is brave enough to find it

The Flame shall burn On the brightest night Fourteen eggs to hatch The Flame shall burn Beware her power Beware his gift Beware the liar Beware the swift Some secrets kept hidden Some towers forbidden Some secrets stay hidden The Flame shall burn

Muskeg —MudWing Flare—SunWing Rosella—SkyWing Carnation—BirchWing Stardust—Night/RainWing Coyote—SandWing Canopy—LeafWing Crevasse—IceWing Stratus—StormWing Heliconia—RainWing Splash—Sea/MudWing Aphid—HiveWing Honeybee—SilkWing Cornflower—FeatherWing

Heliconia tilted her wings to catch a draft of air. As she soared around the island, she spotted Aphid and Coyote talking......... but wait. That SandWing didn’t have the leopard print spots under his wings that Coyote did. And he was a paler yellow color than the only SandWing teacher at the school. Heliconia switched her scales to blend in with the cloudy sky and swooped down closer. They were talking.........

Then another SandWing landed behind Aphid, this one with the palest yellow scales Heliconia had ever seen. The first SandWing poked Aphid with his spear while the other chained her up. Aphid tried to use her tail stinger to stab them, but failed. They took her by the arms and flew away. Heliconia started to follow them, but suddenly was knocked out of the sky. She turned to face her attacker:

Another SandWing with very pale yellow scales was already locking chains into place on her wings. Two more landed beside her and jabbed at her with spears. “State your tribe and your name,” the first one said. “And don’t bother struggling. You’re coming with us to the Cloud Kingdom.” Then something hit her hard in the head from behind, and everything went black.

Rosella chatted with Stratus about the dorms as they walked the halls to the prey center. “Hopefully there’s some ACTUAL fish this time,” Stratus complained. “Last time they were like teeeeeeeny tiny scraps of fish, not nearly enough to eat.” Rosella listened. She preferred rabbit or venison. And she liked it burnt, too. Rosella guessed she got that from her great-grandmother Peril, who also

had firescales. Everything she touched got burnt. At least Rosella could control her scales. If she wanted them to, her scales became firescales, but otherwise they were unusually fluorescent and glowy orange and golden and red scales. She and Stratus seemed to be alike, as they had similar attitudes about some things; but Rosella was much better friends with Sunspot, an “intern” at Pyntala

Academy. Earlier she had also overheard Stardust talking with Sunspot about a vision and a prophecy she’d had the previous night. Something about “beware her power, beware his gift, beware the liar, beware the swift.” But what could it mean?

Stardust had visions of the future. And she was a hybrid. And she could tell prophecies. And she was the queen’s niece. She was no ordinary dragon. She was also the NightWing dragonet chosen for Pyntala Academy. Stardust looked just like any other NightWing, except for the speckled spots under her wings and her colorful eyes and talons. She had actually just finished talking to Sunspot, the “intern,”

about the prophecy and the visions she’d been having. Stardust was often tired already during the day, as NightWings slept during the day and went to school at night. She was still having trouble adjusting to her new routine. Lately, though, Stardust had been having nightmares and visions of bad things; a dying StormWing; dragons of all tribes in chains; a comet shooting through the

sky, shining like a fourth moon. It was getting more and more difficult to focus on the positive futures, like she had promised Fatereader she would. And the prophecy....... was it really true? Was the future really this awful?

Wings Of Flame Part Two COMING SOON!

Author’s Note Thank you to Tui T. Sutherland for writing the book series that inspired this writing. Please note this takes place 1,273 years after Wings of Fire: The Poison Jungle (All characters are fictional)

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