Truth or Dare The Demigod Way! Part Two
Truth or Dare

The Demigod Way!

Part Two truth or dare stories

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The Truth or Dare Olympics are on at Camp Half-Blood!

Truth or Dare The Demigod Way! Part Two

Piper: Well, Thalia, first kiss? Thalia: Shut up, Beauty Queen. Piper: Pinecone Face. Annabeth: Okay, that’s nice and all, but let’s go and resume the TODOs. Thalia: Toe Toes? Annabeth: T-O-D-O. TODOs.

Piper: Oh. Truth or Dare Olympics. Annabeth: Yeah. Piper: PERCY, WHO ARE YOU GOING TO ASK? Percy: Oh, uh, Octavian, Truth or dare? Octavian: Dare, like a true Roman should say. Reyna: True Roman?

Percy: Octavian, I dare you to buy me a new panda pillow, the one you murdered when I found Camp Jupiter. Octavian: *Mouth open* Reyna: Close your mouth Octavian, you’re not a codfish. *Mumbles* Some ‘true Roman.’ Octavian: *Closes mouth* FINE! *Stomps off*

Rachel: OCTAVIAN GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT! Octavian: *Sprints back* What?......... Oh. Truth or dare, Nico. Nico: Um....... truth. Octavian: *Grins stupidly* Who, in the arena now, would you date? Nico: Nevermind! I’ll take dare!

Octavian: I dare you, Nico, to go to the Aphrodite cabin and have them die your hair hot pink! Nico: *Gulps* Hazel: I’ll go with you. Thalia: Me too! *They run off* *Everyone follows them*

Thalia: *Whips out camera and snaps a photo of Nico* This will be good! Can I just do something before you and Hazel go in, Nico? Nico: *Mumbles* Sure, Thalia. Thalia: *Runs inside the Aohrodite cabin and sets up camera with time lapse on the wall, runs back out* All set! Hazel: *Drags Nico inside and to the bathroom* Okay, Lillianne, hot pink!


Lillianne: Alright, he’s done! Hazel: You go wait outside the bathroom, Nico. Lillianne, I have to use the restroom........ Lillianne: *Drags Nico out of the bathroom and shuts the door* Hazel: *Dismounts the camera from the wall, flushes toilet, turns sink on, then off, walks out*


Annabeth: And save......... done! The time lapse and before and after pictures Thalia took are officially on YouTube! Nico: *Groans* Everyone exept Nico: *Laughs* Leo: So, Nico, who’s it gonna be?

Nico: Truth or dare, Reyna? Reyna: Dare, like a REAL true Roman. Nico: I dare you to let Percy pick out your clothes for the rest of the week! Reyna: Uh......Oh. Percy: *Pumps fist* YESSSSS! *High fives Nico*

Author’s Note I still need more dares! Thank you to Firefox13579 (me) for giving a dare. Keep in mind that I will give you credit for dares in the Author’s Note if you give one!

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