Truth or Dare The Demigod Way! Part Three
Truth or Dare

The Demigod Way!

Part Three
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The Truth or Dare Olympics are on at Camp Half-Blood!

Truth or Dare The Demigod Way! Part Three

Percy: *Rummages through closet, holds up neon green spagetti strap tank top*Okay, Reyna, how about this tank top and........... *Holds up way too small black leather jacket* This leather jacket! Oh, and....... *Holds up blue yoga pants with banana pattern* These pants! You’ll look fabulous! Reyna: Really?! *Glares at Thalia, Who is snapping pictures*

Thalia: Smile! Jason: How much Snapple Mango Lemonade did you have? Annabeth: Good question. Those literally have 46 grams of sugar. Thalia: Two bottles! Jason: *Groans*

Reyna: *Stomps into the bathroom carrying the clothes Percy picked out* Percy: *High fives Nico again* This is awesome, dude! Annabeth: Anyways, when Reyna comes out we know she’ll want revenge, sooooooo......... Reyna: *Stomps out of the bathroom wearing the clothes*

Everyone but Reyna: *Laughs hysterically* Reyna: TRUTH OR DARE, ANNABETH? Annabeth: Hmmmmm...... Dare. Reyna: I dare you to not open one book for the rest of the week! Percy: *Glares at Reyna*

Reyna: Oooopsies, would YOU rather run around dancing to “If You’re Happy And You Know It”? Because that could be arranged. Percy: *Mumbles* Fine...... Annabeth: Humph. Truth or dare, Travis? Travis: Huh?

Annabeth: Truth or dare? Travis: Uh, dare, of course! Connor: Yup! Annabeth: I dare you, Travis, to walk into the Nike cabin and challenge Addison to a race against you and Connor. Travis: *Gulps*

Connor: *Gulps* O-okay? *Travis and Connor run off* *Everyone else follows them to watch*


Travis: Hey, Addison, how would you, er, feel about, uh, having a race with us? Addison: What? Connor: We— Thalia: Opens window and yells from outside* They challenge you to a race! Addison: You really have the courage to do that?

Travis: Well........ not really, but yeah. Addison: Well, you’ll be sorry! Travis and Connor in unison: Tonight! *They run away* *Everyone follows them* Reyna: Well, until tonight, everyone!

Author’s Note Part three complete! However many more to go! Thank you Septiccat for contributing a dare for this story! If you have one, please leave it in the comments of any of my Truth or Dare Olympics stories!

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