Truth or Dare The Demigod Way! Part One
Truth or Dare

The Demigod Way!

Part One pjo stories

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The Truth or Dare Olympics are on at Camp Half-Blood!

Truth or Dare The Demigod Way! Part One

Percy: Hey, Annabeth! Annabeth: Yeah? Percy: We’ve been invited to the Truth or Dare Olympics! Annabeth: What the heck is that? Percy: Not sure. It’s in 15 minutes in the sword arena. Let’s go find out!


Leo: Hey, guys, join the party! Annabeth: Hi, Leo. This is the Truth or Dare Olympics? Jason: Yup. *Turns to Percy* Hey, dude, wanna be on my team? Hazel: No teams! It’s every woman for herself in this Olympic game!

Dakota: Or every man for himself......... Chiron: *Trots into the arena* Hello, campers! Welcome to the first ever Truth or Dare Olympics, featuring Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter! Now, since it was Leo’s idea, he will start. Leo? Leo: Right here, sir. And I’ll start big. Truth or dare, Chiron?

Chiron: *Mouth open* Well....... uh, dare. Leo: *Grins* Great! I dare you to tell Mr. D he can ride on your back this weekend whenever he wants! Piper: Leo.......... Chiron: And I must do this? Leo: Either that or be disqualified!

Chiron: I...... I’ll........ I’ll be disqualified. Jason: Alright, well, Leo, you already disqualified somebody. Leo: It’s my specialty. Dionysus: *Walks into the arena* I shall cover for Chiron. After all, this is a party. Perry Johannsen, truth or dare?

Percy: DARE! Dionysus: I dare you to kiss Thalia for 5 seconds. Percy: *Slowly gets out of his seat, face red* Ooookay? Is it leagal to kiss a Hunter? Thalia: *Face red* Ummmm...... is it? Dionysus: I give you permission.

Percy: *Kisses Thalia on the cheek* Everyone: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE!!!!! Thalia: *Runs to the bathroom to wash her cheek and throw up, while screaming* Percy: *Also runs to the bathroom to wash his mouth* Drew: How cute!

Reyna: Who invited you, daughter of Ve— Aphrodite? Drew: I am invited wherever love is, Roman! Piper: Whoa! Stop that! Everyone except Annabeth: *Stops what they’re doing and looks at Piper* Piper: Oooops...........

Annabeth: *Laughing* Oh, Piper....... Let’s go see how Thalia’s doing. They’ll take a while to unfreeze. Piper: Okay!

Author’s Note My fourth story; YAY! This is just part one, guys, but please comment if you have more dares!

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