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The Pegacampus

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A Percy Jackson and the Olympians and a Heroes of Olympus fanfiction story.

The Pegacampus A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Miley sat quietly on the roof of her apartment building. She remembered when her and her mother used to come up here and watch the stars go by.

But tonight the sky was an aqua color, mixed with deep violet. She’d heard a swooshing sound from her bedroom window, and come to see what it was. Then Miley heard the sound again.

It was like a horse, calling out for help. She peeked out over the roof and saw a majestic silver horse—with wings and a mermaid tail! Miley rushed down the fire escape, eager to help the horse.

And she couldn’t believe what she saw. Miley had read plenty of Greek myths and heard stories, never believing they were true, but here was a cross between a Pegasus and a Hippocampus.

A Pegacampus, she decided. She ran over. It looked as if the Pegacampus had fallen from the sky. She helped him up.

Then, as if she could hear his thoughts, the Pegacampus spoke in her mind, you belong at Camp Half-Blood. Go there. Find the boy named Percy. Tell him Blackjack sent you. Miley was confused.

Then the horse spoke again. To the Long Island Sound. See you there! Then the Pegacampus got up, limped a couple of steps, and flew away. What?

Author’s Note I decided to write this because I was bored. Please comment if you like this story. It is only the second story I’ve written on Commaful, but it seems fun. ;D

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