Karate HIYAH!
Karate HIYAH! stories
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firefox13579 Loves Foxes!
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A short story with exactly 101 words.

Karate HIYAH!

Leah was a girl. She wanted to learn karate.

Her brother said no, so she learned Jui Jitsu.....


Leah’s brother did not appreciate her learning Jui Jitsu, so she also learned Ti Kwon Do.....

Leah had reached a black belt, and Leah’s brother was furious. He said:

“Don’t you go around doing karate, you’ll be expelled.”

Leah kept practicing. She also decided to learn how to play the oboe.......

And make birdhouses. And walk dogs. And have a lemonade stand.

Soon, Leah was doing all sorts of things after school. Her mother was glad that she was so talented. CUT!

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