The Vultures Path
The Vultures Path hurt comfort stories

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A young girl stumbles down a beaten dirt path.

The Vultures Path

A young girl stumbled down a beaten dirt path, her bare feet covered in bloody sores. She wore a torn white dress and a broken crown that weighed heavily upon her head.

Attached to the crown were black balloons that dragged behind her. Vultures circled the air above, screeching and laughing as their sharp beaks pecked at the balloons.

The smell of death ravaging through the stifling air as the Vultures waited hungrily for their next meal.

At times the girl would trip and fall to the dirt path, causing the Vultures to swoop down and attack her body, ripping and scratching away at her flesh. Nevertheless, she would get back up and keep going.

"Just a little further," she kept saying. 

Down the path she walked, her body burning like fire and melting away what little strength she had left.

Soon her body gave out and she fell to the rough earth, this time, unable to get back up.

The vultures laughed and flew down, pecking away at her dying body.

Then a sudden loud rumble came from the sky above. The vultures stopped their pecking and frantically flew into the sky as a bolt of lightning struck the earth.

A dusty cloud formed, and from it, a giant bird with golden feathers emerged. Its bejeweled eyes glaring at the vultures as it stalked up to them. 

The vultures cried out and fled, their black feathers falling to the earth below. The golden bird huffed and turned its attention to the wounded young girl.

The bird cocked its head slightly and slowly approached the girl. It gently reached a wing under the girl's chin and raised her head.

The girl opened her eyes slightly and looked into the bird's gentle eyes. A faint smile painted across her pale face.

The bird pulled the girl close to its chest as she clung with bony fingers to its feathers.

Tears streamed down the girl's face as she was lifted into the air and onto the bird's mighty strong back. 

She wrapped her arms around the bird's neck, as it spread its wings and bolted into the air. Flying high above the crumbling earth below. 

They soared through the sky. The black balloons beginning to fly off the broken crown. Each one replaced by a beautiful jewel that shined brightly in the sun.

The broken crown, once falling apart with cracks so deep, now began to connect the pieces together with splashes of silver and gold light.

The crown felt light on her head and the girl's eyes brightened. A joyous laugh vibrated through her body. Wrapping her in a warmth she never felt before.

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