A Nightlife
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an experience of the nightlife

A Nightlife

There has always been an attraction towards the center of the city. In the city, many people wander till daybreak, and they sleep until the sunset. Time was not of the essence for many people.

They had unlimited time. During the day, just like some people, the city slept, restoring whatever energy needed through the means of industrial processes and the working class.

The working class were the people who had their slumber cut short by the bright lights of tomorrow. A regular 9 to 5 resulted in a paycheck.

That paycheck provided sustenance for an entire family or a couple, or an individual. But for Devin, a paycheck meant that he could go out during the night and spend it for temporary bliss.

Temporary bliss was the blood that pumped into the heart of the city and the heart pumped it out to the people.

The pure nature of the human was initially to subdue immediate needs, but the modernity of the human mind accommodates temporary bliss. Temporary bliss...

what a refreshing concept to those who venture out at night and experience it.

For someone like Devin, experiencing the center of the city was mainly an adventure. The city was beautiful when enveloped with darkness.

The orbs of light that pulsed through each street were accompanied by groups of people who were intoxicated with the magic of temporary bliss.

The brief encounters with cigarette smoke and whiskey breath were ironically refreshing. The sidewalks, crowded with those who were living it up, provided a sense of direction.

Devin was stuck in a crowd on a sidewalk. To his right was a bar and to his left was another bar, but they were divided by a road.

The road was crowded with cars, crosswalks, and of course those who were living it up.

Car horns, loud chatter, bar music, the three distinct sounds of the city, were integral to fueling temporary bliss.

Although dark, the night was vibrant when it was fueled with temporary bliss, and for someone like Devin, it was like being in a dream state: absolute euphoria.

He wanted to be like those who felt this way every day, but he had to fulfill societal needs. But for now, he went into a bar, got a drink, and began to talk to people. It was a normal routine.

That's what you do when you go to a bar, or so he thought. Devin had his eyes out for anything beautiful, maybe he could fall in love in the night.

Maybe the hopeless romantic that was in him would get his heart broken. But it would all be okay. It was just another lesson.

Devin didn't have any luck with love that night, but desire kept him from giving up. It wasn't just love. It was also the friendships he made.

It was the temporary bliss that fueled his addiction to return. It was the alluring nature of the night. They were all just part of the experience.

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