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For the Dreamer in all of us.

By: L. M. Montgomery

Time Immemoral

Originally by L. M. Montgomery

"Of course, we have a Tomorrow on the map . . .

Located east of Today and west of Yesterday . . .

We have no end of "times" in fairyland.

Spring-time, long time, short time, new-moon time, good-night time, next time . . .

But no last time, because that is too sad a time for fairyland;

Old time, young time . . . because if there is an old time there ought to be a young time, too.

Mountain time . . . because that has such a fascinating sound; night-time and day-time.

But no bed-time or school-time; Christmas-time;

No only time, because that is also too sad . . .

But lost time, because it is so nice to find it;

Some time, good time, fast time, slow time, half-past kissing-time, going-home time,

And time Immemoral . . .which is one of the most beautiful phrases in the world.

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