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Millions of girls in the world has encountered Sexual Harassment. Let us give awareness. Women are powerful and strong. We women, We fight.


"Life is sweet and full of happiness. Life is free and there is nothing to worry".That's what my granny said that I will never forget, but it turned out she was wrong. My name is Ally, I'm 17.

Well yes, I do agree that life is full of happiness and sweetness and stress-free not until......... I was murdered. I see, a lot of questions in your mind is aking "How" "Why" and "Who".

Now let me tell you my story.

November 11, 2020

It's my 17th birthday. Upon all this years I've been waiting for this sweet moment and finally I am 17. "At las! This day would be the best day of my life " I shouted.

So, I got up from my bed, took a bath, put on some make up and wear the best dress I have. "Happy birthday sweety. Have some breakfast before you go to school and enjoy your day. " mom said.

"Thank you but no thank you mom. I gotta go." It's not just me and my mom in the house. I have my half-brother who is just 3 years old and my step father.

My biological father which I dont know and havent met him yet for 17 years left us when I'm still at moms belly saying he is still not yet ready for a child and boom he left us.

8:25 A.M

I just arrived in school and just when I'm about to open the door a man,my crush, Andrew for 11 years block the door and said "Hey ally, I'm Andrew.

I heard It's your birthday today and I just wanna say Happy birthday". Really? Andrew Smith my long time crush talked to me? "Uhmmm yes that's true and thank you and I know you, Andrew Smith.

We're classmates since junior high". I replied while holding back this giggly feelings I have. "That's great. Have a great day! " then he winked at me.

Before I finally stepped in the school gate this familiar guy stood beside me.

"Hi ally, my name is Peter and I like you since kindergarten and I just wanna say Happy birthday and before I end I wanna invite you to my party. 8 pm and everyone is gonna be there so see you.

" Then he left. I know that guy, he is Peter Williams. The weird guy in school. I think that would be awkward if I go to the party but did he say EVERYONE? So it means Andrew will be there.

So I decided I will attend the party.

When I got home there would be exactly 2 hours left for me to prepare.

As I went to the living room and ready to go out my mom saw me and asked "Honey where are you going? It's your birthday and we're gonna celebrate it here".

I got irratated and answered my mother "I'm not a kid anymore to eat those cheap cakes you bought and celebrate it with a sick,

useless step father who doesnt even give a shit of helping us to have some money?

! Mom! You need to wake up! He is not helping us!He is sick and his meds are keeping us broke! And---" before I continue my words her hands went off through me face.

I saw her face, we are both shocked she cant even say anything and I can see the regrets on her eyes by what she did. "Fine.

If you need to choose between me and that guy, choose him because he needs you more than I do and both of you are useless!".

I left the house immediately and I see that mom is chasing me "No! Ally I'm sorry come back! ". I run as fast as I could.

As I'm running, the thoughts in my head is that I really hate my mom and I would hate her forever. I love my brother but my dad is not just helping. He is stroked and cant even do anything.

I'm now at Peters house and I can see that everyone is dancing and drinking liqours. I stand at the corner and beside me there was Andrew.

"Hey uhmm Ally nice to meet you here do you wanna dance? ". "No, I don't like dancing and I just wanna stay here." "That's sad that you rejected me. Come lemme show you something.

" Andrew then grab my hand and I followed him we then walked through outside the garden and no one was there. He is still holding my hand and words come out from his mouth "Uhmm Alice".

"It's Ally". I inserted. "Yeah Ally.You see that I just wanna confess something. You're beautiful and I like you". I was shocked on what I heard.

Is it true? If it is how could I resist? I love him and It's my chance. "Andrew there is something you need to know. Ii-I like you since then" "Really? So we're together now?!" Andrew replied.

The wind is quite and suddenly he kissed me. It feels like the world stoped and I felt like im about to explode.

"I guess this was your first kiss huh?

In a celebration for your birthday and our first kiss lets cheer a drink!

" Andrew then gave me a glass of liqour it was my first time drinking an alcohol so I don't know whats the weird taste it contains.

"Ally, tonight you'll experience the best thing you never had before" and suddenly I got dizzy and about to throw up but before I tried to take a step I was just blacked out.

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. A four corner empty room with only a one door and no windows. It must have been an abandoned stock room. There's no people in the room but then the door opened.

A familiar man came in, it was Peter! "Ally, the party was intended for you and I'm sorry for the things that will happen to you later" I can see the fear on Peters eyes.

As I didnt realize my hands and feet were tied up. "What is this Peter?! Let me go! Let me go!" I cried and I screamed as loud as I can hoping that someone could hear me.

"Peter let me go, please!" I was begging for him to let me go. Peters eyes were still full of fear. "I'm sss-sorry Ally I cant do anything". Then 6 men entered the room.

They were familiar and one of them is Andrew. "Ally my dear. You think I could really fall in love with you ?" Andrew and his gang were all into this.

"Andrew let me go! Please let me go!" Im crying and begging for mercy. They didnt bother. "Let's do it! " Andrew said. Then 6 of them took off all their clothes and unzippped their pants.

"What are you doing?! Let me go! No!"I was still begging and crying but they didnt hear me out. One of the gang ripped off my clothes.

I was crying and crying but what can I do I'm too weak to fight. I cant do anything I was just crying. One of them touches my breast and while the rest of the men touches every part of my body.

Then Andrew became the first one who put his dirty thing unto mine. It hurts, I was still crying. I can feel his dirty soul inside me.

While the rest of them is feasting over my body I see Peter on the corner he was crying it looks like he was just dragged to this plan but why didnt he did something?

Why didnt he called a police or for help? I was angry and scared until I dont know what I'm feeling anymore. I don't have enough strength to cry or scream.

While they were raping me and took my dignity one of them is not contented and inserted a knife on my butthole. It hurts so much that my tears became blood.

After the knife he put a bottle of wine. They were all laughing like non humans they didn't even felt mercy. I cried and cried for pain. Hoping that there would be some rescue.

Just before they were finish, Peter tried to escape and run as fast as he could but one of the men caught him and beat him.

"You see Ally this is what would happen to you when you try to escape" Andrew said. They were never been contented and beat Peter to death. I am weak but I saw what they did to Peter.

Peter is dead and they dont seem to care and feel guilt.

It was the 15th day. I'm still in this room and every night I was raped and tortured. I am praying to God that i'll rather be dead than to suffer.

They give me food and water, I'm still tied up and they wash me every time the would touch me. The food has broken pieces of glass and they force me to eat it.

I was tortured for 15 days and suffering.

On this night, no one was on the room. I managed to spare a piece of the broken glass and tried to cut off the rope in my hands.

I did it! I cut off the rope and It gave me hope to escape the room. I stood up and went to the door but when I tried to open it, It was locked! I dont know what to do and I heard foot steps.

They're coming! They're here! I grab a piece of broken glass and when the door slowly opened I grab the man and sliced his throat with the broken glass.

It was Andrew and he was hurt and his blood was drooling all over the floor and finally he lost his breath. I didnt felt any guilt or mercy. I want vengeance! The 5 man witnessed everything.

They blocked the door and all we do is running and chasing on this 4 corner room. One caught me and this time they didnt feel lust or anything for me. Their eyes was full of anger and guilt.

They tied my hands and beat me up. One man picked up a broken glass and said "This is for my friend" he then put the glass in my mouth and made me swallowed it.

Then they cut my fingers and tongue and stock a broken glass on my private parts. I wish I was dead.

All this torture hunts me and I was begging them to just kill me "Kill me! Just kill me!" this time I wasnt begging them to let me go but to end this suffering.

I dont have any hopes left and one of the man stab my me 22 times to death. Finally, my suffering had come to an end.

It was the 3rd month since I went missing and my body was found. The 5 guys got arrested and the justice we all wanted finally came true.

But I want to see my mom again and tell her for the last time how much I love her, to tell her It's not her fault. Tell her im happy now here in heaven.

She needs to move on and she deserves a happy life.

In life , life is not just sweetness and happiness. Life is not always free and sometimes there are things to worry.

There are some things that we really wanted, a dream or a goal just be happy. You dont know when you will die. My name is Ally, I'm 17 and this is my story.

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