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A real story from a army that died..

Rest In Peace


Every day Every Night BTS Is Life

at school my friends and I always talk about bts

bangtan they are my inspiration to graduate to go to korea to meet them

I even told my parents that when the time I meet bangtan I can die cause it's a dream come true

one time we are talking about bangtan

while walking through are way to the cafeteria

then I felt a really heavy feeling through my head, my world started to move around fast

then my eyes twitch and then I blacked out

I aoke up in a white room I saw my mother at my side

yuri your awake.....

what happened mother....?

you fainted....

but why..?

we have your city scan....

a doctor suddenly approach from the door

what happend? how was it? am I alright?

we found out that you have a stage three

brain tumor

if we will calculate how many days or weeks or months you'll live

it will turn out three months

three months?...

then I cried with my mom

will I ever meet bangtan?

~~~~ the next day~~~~

I faced cam with my friends

hey yuri whats up?

hey guys well pls meet bangtan for me

nikka pls watch jhope aegyo's for me

ella pls squeeze jungkook's cheeks for me

charina pls hold jimin's cute hands for me

lyra pls tell tae to make a funny face for me

anika pls taste jin's foods for me

joy pls read books with namjoon for me

guys pls do everything I wanted to do with bangtan for me

but why?

whats wrong?

they said while crying

I have a stage three bain tumor....

and the doctor said

ill be lucky if I can live when the time it reached


cause I only have three months left to live

pls tell bangtan I love them....

we all end up crying at the whole video call

after the video call my head hurts again I screamed in pain

my mom rushed to me

I hugged my mom

and said mom pls take care of my friends

give all my bts merch to then buy them tickets to bangtans concert

and tell them that bts is my life........

Yuri's mom pov

mom pls take care of my friends

give all my bts merch to then buy them tickets to bangtans concert

and tell them that bts is my life........

yuri said and closed her eyes

you may now rest in peace ill live your dreams yuri I will

I called her friends and told them that yuri is dead

they cried and cried and cried

ok children

live for my daughters will ok?

I asked them they nodded and we end the call there......

yuri wherever you are right now I hope that you'll guide us through the right path as we follow your dreams.......

based on a true story

dear army's

yuri isn't the girls real name

I dont know her name

but I hope that wherever she is she will guide other army's to the right path

which is korea (lmao)

thanks for reading my story

love you fams...

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