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fiofleur My troubles. My worries.
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Being worthy, where do I start?


My how lovely you seemed

You grew and grew

Splitting every last seam.

You grew yesterday

You have grown today

You will grow tomorrow

You are trampled to the ground

You are torn from your roots

You are stained by the hurt and pain

What have you become?

You unfortunate soul.

You carry such baggage,

Waiting to be claimed.

You ache from your heart

For you remember with your brain.

You lack what we all want,

To escape this mighty pain.

We lunge towards the castle walls.

We fight the breath in our lungs.

You groan and you moan.

Your heart aches for more.

You leave behind bruises.

You have no more uses.

You are lost in uncertainty.

You have doubt in your certainty.

Let yourself go.

Why do you hold onto those ties?

These metal chains that hold you down.

Do you fear the sky?

Light from above, the sun kissing your cheeks.

Your heart yearns for freedom,

But you fear this liberty.

How far will you go?

Will it rain or will it snow?

I will never know.

Accept what you hate most,

For that is what you crave the most.

Let your little demons find homes,

Away from your soul, let them come no more.

For you are light.

You are air.

Do not be scared.

Let me hold you,

Let me love you.

Be at peace with yourself,

Worry no more.

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