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To Nancy             by Finn loss stories

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A little story I wrote about a man/women who lost there partner. TW: mild reference to suicide; depression

To Nancy by Finn

"It's going to be ok, everything is going to be alright", that's what I tell myself every night, when I lie in the big double bed and cry.

I miss you Nancy, please come back.

Sometimes I tell myself that it's all just a dream and that I'll wake up the next morning to your voice asking me if I'm ok, then I would just give you a hug like every morning for the past four years.

But then it all went downhill.

Nancy please, please wake me up from this nightmare.

There's something I think you should know Nancy.

You know how we had planned to fly to the Caribbean's for a week?

Remember that?

Well, one of those days, while lying on the beach drinking some fresh coconut and enjoying the sun, I was going to give you something.

A ring Nanc, a ring!

I was going to propose to you!

But now that stupid fucking fire that this crack head started changed that.

All I do now is lie in bed and cry.


Every week.

I just cry.

Well I guess sometimes I sit here,

Leaning against that cold Quartz block with your name on it

and cry here instead

But today, today I decided to write and cry

Anyways I need to go now.

I'll see you again soon,

very soon.

Then we'll be together once more.

you made it to the end :) To everyone who read it all the way to the end, ur great <3 Also, please leave some feedback, I'd love to know your opinions on this story. (story was first written 02. 07. 2020)

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