My Shore pt. 2
My Shore pt. 2 cave stories

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My Shore pt. 2

I dream of you. I just think I've made it through an entire day without you washing over my mind... and then night falls and you flood my dreams.

You're haunting me - seeping into all the cracks and crevices, consuming me in my sleep.

Like in a cave, you're hiding in the deepest, darkest parts that I no longer wish to discover and yet, here I am, dreaming; of your presence, your voice, your touch.

But when the sun rises you slip away, a ghost that I can feel but can't see, forgetting what I dreamt of the nights before, creating something of a deja vu.

The day keeps me safe, my lifeguard, keeping an eye on the tide. I have control over my thoughts. It's the night that frightens me. Powerless.

You attack in my helpless state using the twilight to mask you. I can't escape you, the grasp you have on my heart, keeps me afraid.

My love for you has turned to poison. You're toxic.

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