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This is goin to be a series of stories "Highschool mess" about a girl who is new in town and is struggling through high school. Stay connected to know what happens next. Each episode comes out on alternate days.
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Highschool mess

It is a bright sunny day, I can see strange eyes staring at me, I don't mind them, I would have done the same if i was in their shoes.

My first day of first year of Highschool and i was already nervous, of course because i am new to this one.

The school is nice, red roses bloom as i move towards the reception, some kids are standing as late comers and a guy wearing white uniform was writing their names.

As I was proceeding I collided with a guy and my glasses fell on the ground, before I could say anything the guy disappeared, only thing i could notice were his deep grey eyes.

I picked my glasses up and took out the pink cloth to clean my glasses.

Took few more steps and I was at the reception, I asked the lady sitting behind a glass window about my class, she was short and looked sweet, her hairs were reddish in color,

she handed me a paper which had my name, class, and admission number written over it and she asked me to give it to my teacher.

As directed by a student I finally found my class. As I entered it was empty and for a moment I thought I was in the wrong room.

But then it was when a group of students came running trying to catch the best seats first.

Some of them stopped as they saw me, went out and checked the board outside the class to check if they were in the wrong room and then entered again as they confirmed it was right.

I could hear the buzzing of gossip and giggling and laughing, I wanted to laugh too but somehow i controlled it.

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