Rock&Roll Adventures #2 pt.1
Rock&Roll Adventures #2 pt.1 music stories
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TRUE STORY: part 1 of sneaking backstage
at the SXSW Music Festival

Rock&Roll Adventures #2 pt.1

by Elysandra Cruz

Early as hell, Sarah and I headed out towards SoCo to Hotel San Jose for our first day of the SXSW music fest. Apparently we showed up to the venue way too early

Sarah and I decided there was no way we would survive this wait without some drank.

Luckily for us it was 11AM liqour store was open by now, AMEN!

Usually when Sarah and I have tequila our clothes come off eventually so this time we chose vodka as the weapon of choice .

Two bottles of cheap liquor and $20 later we made our way back to the venue.

Some places are really strict about searching for contraband so we made a pit stop at the convenient store to hide the booze where it couldn’t be found.

the door read “NO PUBLIC BATHROOM”....fuck!

Around the corner of the store we found a port a potty to use, yay! BUT neither of us were wearing a bra so we couldn’t shove the booze in our boobs like we normally do.

After a few minutes of awkwardly playing tetris with our outfits and laughing Sarah somehow managed to hide the bottle.

“Where’s the bottle?!” I hissed as I could tell there was people outside impatiently waiting to use port a potty .

Sarah lifted up her school girl skirt and there secured by her thong was the vodka haha classy! but you have to do what you have to do right?

All of that was for nothing because the guy working the venue door didn’t even check shit so we could’ve brought in anything.

The drag queen that hosted the party she was fab and kept things interesting while she progressively got more and more drunk on stage as the showcase continued.

The first hour or so was uneventful but time flew while listening to Sarah's recent brush with bisexuality

5PM time for the first band ! The crowd was a mixture of parents with kids and Rue 21 hippies.....yawn. I've seen better crowds.

Sarah and I have been obsessed with The Lemon Twigs so of course we made sure we were front row!

They came on right as we were nice and drunk sippin vodka from a pizza cup, sun setting behind Brian and Micheal as they sang How Lucky Am I? Doesn’t get better then that really.

Next up The Drums

Jonathan Pierce the singer is a cosmic version of a dancing betty spaghetti doll slithering around very coquetishly around stage.

Sarah leans over and whispers “ I want to fuck the drummer” I laugh and know exactly why, he is a total dad version of Hugh Jackman mmmm.

Once they played their most popular song the crowd splits into a very light mosh pit.

Just as the mosh died I hear this lady behind complaining about kids moshing

I am tired of people not understanding concert etiquette .So I turned around and explain that there is ALWAYS moshing when The Drums play and that shoving was not personal.

She just quietly shut the fuck up because she knew I was right. It’s wrong to want to get violent when people are just trying to have a lil fun.

Last band of night Temples

by this time Sarah and I were out a liter of vodka so we were ready to dance.

After their set it was finally dark out so I grabbed Sarah by the arm to go back to the spot we found earlier to sneak backstage,

we crawled past four dumpsters and slipped into the open bar from under the stairs so quickly that no one noticed


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