Rock&Roll Adventures #1
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TRUE STORY: I rescued a drunk girl and took her home with me

Rock&Roll Adventures #1

by Elysandra Cruz

Once upon a time, my friend Jae Jax and I had just wrapped up clubbing at Barbarella

As we were walking towards the bus stop I saw this girl slumped down on the ground against outside this abandoned ballroom by herself.

Normally I would just walk by and go about my business I mean this is 6th street in Austin, seeing someone wrecked on the ground puking their brains out is not an uncommon view.

Considering my recent brush with danger (will talk about this later in detail) I couldn’t just ignore it. So I went back, said hi and asked her what her name was, she couldn’t even tell me.

I asked her who she was here with, no answer just a blank stare back to me.

After a few minutes I was able to decipher from the mumbles that she had gotten separated from her friends and had lost all her things wallet, phone, ID were all gone.

No way to contact anyone, didn’t know anyone’s number from memory.

The Austin police don’t try to reason with drunk people on 6th street they just throw you in jail for PI regardless of what sad story you had as to why you were laying on the ground.

With this in mind, I decided that I couldn’t leave her to fend for herself, so I adopted her.

My friend and I carried her a few blocks and managed to drag her back to my apartment.

We left my adopted orphan sleep away the headache in my bed.

I woke up to the sound of her screaming.

She went from last remembering being in the club dancing to waking up in a strange room, I mean who wouldn’t freak out?

So I go in the room and she’s checking all her pocket and scanning her body. I explain to her who I was and how she got here.

She seemed a little hesitant and was examining eccentricity of the apartment like OH GOD HOW DID I GET THIS WRECKED THEN RESCUED BY A WEIRDO lol.

Jae and I were having a wake and bake sesh out on the patio so I asked Bree, the orphan to join us. She looked a repulsed that we were offering her weed, guess it’s not for everyone.

I lent her my phone to log into Facebook so she could contact her friends and let them know where she was and that everything was ok.

Come to find out, her friends were happy she was alive and fine but much to Bree’s dismay,

they had already filed a missing person’s report and had let her parents know the worst news any parent would want to hear, that their child was missing and intoxicated.

Bree got wide eyed and started crying, now everyone knows she fucked up…I know the feeling.

I bid her goodbye when her friends came, she thanked me again and invited me to visit her in Abilene if I was ever in the area.

My good deed for the day was done and I had paid forward the kindness that was shown to me.

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