The Obstacles You've Made
The Obstacles You've Made pain stories

filopateer1710 A broken wee lad
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Long unspoken words to my depressed Ex

The Obstacles You've Made

When first a thought, this poem wasn't the same

for all I wanted was for you to take the blame

filled with rage and anger i told myself

well Instead of crying this night

I guess a poem I should write

trying to be passive aggressive

as if it was expressive or even impressive

but somehow things did change

after the texts we both exchanged

when I sensed you feeling down

and it made me frown!

why do I even care? I paused.

doesn't she deserve this after what she's caused?

but then it came to me

while drinking the infamous milk mixed tea

I remembered how , just like this very day

to me you miraculously made your way

when I was feeling scared and lonely

yet you chased away all my melancholy

and then this feeling took over me

to try and brighten whatever you see gloomy

for you were always very bright and warm

and it hurts seeing the kindest soul torn

I know sometimes you feel blue

like you dont have a clue

some days surviving is all you can do

but trust me everything you do is a massive breakthrough

back whenever I used to sing you a song

it was because you were my inspiration

and all i could see was this girl who's very strong

I know you've been through this before

Thinking that nothing is really for sure

and it really gets tough

when you think you're not enough

tears from your eyes dont fall

but the memories you recall

you get angry at the ones you love sort of

feeling constrained by the rules in your face they shove

you get hard on yourself and treat it like your fault

so in order to reach your goal you decide to vault

only to stumble on the obstacle you've made

adding ache to your heart feeling weighed

by the pain that's as bad as being stabbed with a blade

but you're not a failure that's not the case

it's the truth you really need to embrace

I always loved that you're a girl of faith you know even if it's stressful

God will help you and you are going to be successful

so why be stressed when you are blessed

HE's your comforter and all in all

HE's there beside you till you reach your goal

when things get uncertain and you're afraid

always remember that he's your aid

so wear that smile on your face

you are showered with his grace

I know that you realize that for you are smart

and I want joy to be forever in your heart

Alas, I promise you fair maid

that those loud thoughts in your brain are going to fade

know that you have in me a trustworthy friend?

with more than a hand to lend

I am always going to be their to help and cheer

i cant think of a rhyme to end so just hold my beer

This is your all my girl of dances dont let them take it away

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