The Ache of Missing Her
The  Ache of Missing Her  scars stories

filopateer1710 A broken wee lad
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A letter to the purest heart and kindest soul

The Ache of Missing Her

Instead of crying this night

I guess a poem I should write

For while she’s lying there unaware

Missing her is an ache I cant bare

Thoughts blazing like coal

Time leaves scars on my soul

My mind is wandering, my heart's astray

Maybe I have lost my way

A river of thoughts that never runs dry

Raging feelings that hurt none but I

Everything was a pleasure when first it was new

But was any of it remotely true

Now the more I grow old

It all waxes like cold

Maybe I mistook myself for a man of learning

but now for the bliss of ignorance I'm yearning

Searching for the accomplishment in doing miniscule things

And the joy that for the heart it brings

I hate to say it but I think it's true

It feels like I've done all the growing that I'll ever do!

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