Memento Mori The Reminder We All Need!
Memento Mori The Reminder We All Need! stories
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filopateer1710 A broken wee lad
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Memento Mori The Reminder We All Need!

Memento Mori the reminder we all need!

Looking around me I realized that I have a fatal flaw in my life and that's attachment, the fear of letting go, I never throw anything away I always keep boxes, old stuff,

useless papers I scribbled anything actually and I keep telling myself that maybe one day I'll need one of those things so they stack more and more everyday to the point where sometimes

its toxic and keeping those things is just a waste of everything but for some reason I keep holding on to them never wanting to let go but one day I stumbled upon a cool coin representation

of Memento Mori which is Latin for remember mortality / that you'll die and that's when it hit me I have sketchbooks that I don't sketch in because I'm afraid I'll ruin them.

Just think of how people miss out on things they craved because of that fear, people who buy iPhones and worry that if they'd use the home button it would break so they baby the phone,

people who would buy new shoes yet are afraid they'd get all dirty and worn they only wear em on certain occasions.

we keep stacking such things never using them but when are we going to? Like we got them for a reason! but now we will just what collect them like trophies?

Memento Mori is a constant reminder to live life, that your death is good enough reason for you to do so ..

so don't chain yourself with attachment, buy things use them that's what they were intended for anyway,

don't stack things up decide which are to keep and what is to throw away for there wont be a later time were you get to use them, this is that time!

and it keeps getting shorter and shorter everyday so take advantage of it and live your life remembering that you'll one day die

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